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Putting the wrong fuel in your car may be a very embarrassing thing to do, but it is very common, with over 150, 000 people in the UK making this easy mistake every year.

It is easy to enter panic mode if you realise that you have put petrol in a diesel car, however, this is something that can be rectified quickly.

What Happens When You Put Petrol in Diesel Car?

While you can rectify putting petrol in a diesel car easily, it needs to be done very quickly. If left for a long time, petrol in a diesel engine can cause long-term damage to your car

The most important thing that you need to be aware of is that by starting your engine, you will allow mixed fuel to circulate around your car. This will also cause a lot of damage.

Fix Your Car Quickly

If you’ve already put the wrong fuel in your car, you will need immediate support from an experienced company.

This is where Wrong Fuel Angel can help. As advised above, you should not start your engine as you will need to allow the fuel to drain as quickly as possible.

Once we arrive at the destination, we will use our top of the range technology to clean your engine completely.

After removing the wrong fuel from the tank, our specialist team will check all engine parts, including the fuel line and fuel filter, to see if they have had the wrong fuel flowing through them.

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You Will Be On Your Way in No Time

The whole process will take around 40-45 minutes, so there is no need to panic if you need to get to an important appointment or event.

If, in the unlikely event, that we cannot fix your problem roadside, we will tow your vehicle to your home or UK destination of choice.

The completion of our service will leave you with the correct fuel so that you can carry on with your journey.

How to Avoid Putting wrong fuel in Diesel Car

If you have already made the mistake of adding petrol to a diesel car before, here are few handy tips on helping you to remember to use the correct fuel in future:

  • Always check the label at the garage and never just rely on the colour of the nozzle or lead
  • If you are getting used to a new car or you have hired a rental car, leave notes near the wheel or where you put your air fresheners, for example
  • Try not to rush when you are at the pump and don’t be distracted while talking to other people in the car or in the petrol station
  • Buy a device that fits the filler neck that will prevent you from inserting a petrol nozzle which is narrower

If you have put the wrong fuel in your diesel car, don’t stress, give Wrong Fuel Angel a call and we will be there in a flash.

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