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Me and my husband are the proud owners of a Renault Turbo Diesel camper van we call the “Burley Chassis”. She’s not a state of the art, luxurious house on wheels, a bit frayed around the edges, but she’s ours and we love her. In fact we’ve recently began to renovate her and have had great fun choosing tiles, wall-paper and upholstery together, for our compact home on wheels.


This year, she’s taken us to some wonderful places and during this glorious summer and we’ve certainly been making the most of it, visiting the new forest, the lake district and the even taking the famous Highland tour, 500 miles around the coast of Scotland which has proved to be a magical inspirational adventure, wild camping in remote spaces and exploring miles and miles of untouched rugged mountains covered with purple heather and vibrant yellow bracken, mirrored by vast expanses of shimmering water from deep lochs stretching through extensive forests and valleys. It was definitely a trip to remember.


Even at home we’ve enjoyed being spontaneous, jumping in our van at any given moment just to go out for a spot of dinner somewhere in the countryside or up on the Downs; throwing something in the oven to cook on the way, then setting the table for dinner under our awning. We might even light some lanterns or get the brazier fired up, to then dine out in the open whilst watching the sun set. Once the sky darkens and the temperature drops, we usually just put our gas heater on and stay very cosy on the inside with a game of cards or sit out for a bit by the brazier, wrapped up in a fleece to watch the stars. Sometimes, there’s night life to watch, the hoot of a barn owl the rustle of badgers or silhouettes of bats circling the horizon.
In the mornings its a wonderful experience to wake up to a brand new view and breakfast is always a pleasure because of it. In fact it’s a very peaceful and liberating experience just to be able to change your environment in one journey and feel free of the usual life stresses and ties for a while.


Camper-van life has proved to be a great escape from it all and we intend to continue using her throughout the winter. However, at the petrol station, there have been times that we’ve attempted to fill our family saloon which takes unleaded petrol with Diesel. Luckily the nozzle for the diesel pump is larger than the tank entrance and doesn’t fit anyway, but where the van is concerned, we’ve nearly made some genuine errors when filling up on our travels. This is mainly due to the new types of fuel being offered on the forecourt, especially the Kerosene and LPG which is not always clear at first, especially when you’re used to the usual line up of the Diesel, Leaded, Unleaded, Super Unleaded etc. It’s these changing times when you have to keep up and be more on the ball about things, especially the changes in fuel options which are happening very quickly.

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