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If you are looking to buy a new car, you need to consider not only what model you’d like but also its fuel efficiency, how much mileage you are likely to do and if you need it for town or motorway driving. You’ll also need to consider the best options for disposing of your older vehicle. After a certain age, it may not be viable as a trade-in and older vehicles can be more difficult to sell privately.

Carbon emissions are one of the most important factors in this day and age so here’s a look at the fuel options to consider when buying a new car.

Petrol Or Diesel?

Petrol is cheaper than diesel, however, for long distance driving, diesel is more economical. Diesel cars cost more to buy, but petrol models lose their value more quickly. Diesel cars are also cheaper to tax.
It all depends on your yearly mileage. If you cover less than 10,000 miles a year, then a petrol model may be a better choice. If you do a lot of motorway driving and have higher than average mileage per year, then a diesel model will work out being more economical.

Electric Cars

Electric has become and increasing popular choice for reducing the emissions caused by vehicles. They have zero carbon emissions and are exempt from the Road Taxes and Charges in Congestion Zones.
They also have very low running costs, are quiet and pleasant to drive and are a good choice for city driving. However, electric cars are initially more expensive to buy than petrol or diesel and the choice of models is still fairly limited. They need to be regularly charged, especially in colder temperatures and the process is more awkward than just filling up the tank with fuel.

Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid cars have zero carbon emissions, are cheap to run and tax and are perfect for low speed city driving. They go further than electric cars and are easy to fill up. However, they are expensive to buy.


Fuelled by water, hydrogen cars are still new technology so they are expensive to buy and there are only a few filling stations in the UK. However, their mileage is good and they have zero carbon emissions.

What To Do if You Accidentally Misfuel a Vehicle

if You Accidentally Put Petrol into A Diesel Car or vice versa then call Wrong Fuel Angels Immediately.

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