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Though the problem is uncommon, it does happen in a number of instances. The results of the problem are so severe and cause lots of inconveniences to the driver or vehicle owner. Mis-fuelling as it as it is normally referred to, occurs when you accidentally put the wrong type of fuel in the vehicle other than the one that the vehicle is designed to use. Let’s say you put petrol in diesel or diesel in petrol. It happens mostly by accident meaning that the vehicle owner may not discover it immediately. If the problem has not been discovered, there are various signs and symptoms that the vehicle will start showing after it has been fuelled with a wrong fuel.

Engine won’t start at all

Take note that this symptom does not apply to all the vehicles. After you have just fuelled your vehicle and you try to start the engine, it refuses to start. At this point, the first step that you should take is to ask the attendant at the station which type of fuel has been used just for clarification purpose. In case it is confirmed that the wrong type of fuel was used ,seek assistance for your vehicle to be towed to the nearest parking bay. This is because this is a problem that can be solved.

Engine cut out

Initially, the engine was running smoothly but after you have just refuelled, it suddenly stops. It may also happen that after you have left the station with the engine in a good working condition, it suddenly stops after some distance. The source of this problem may be that you have used wrong fuel type.

Abnormal smoke from exhaust system

When you see your vehicle releasing abnormal emission in large quantities after a fuelling session, know that something somewhere might have gone wrong. The reason may be that the incompatible fuel type might have corroded the engine system and caused some serious damage.

Things you should do after discovering the wrong fuel problem in your car

  • Don’t drive the vehicle

By driving the vehicle even though it is running on a wrong fuel type, you will be worsening the problem. This is because the wrong fuel will penetrate into other parts of the fuel system and cause further damage. The same case applies to the engine. In case you had started it, stop it as soon as possible.

  • Seek for fuel draining services

Contact Wrong fuel Angels in the UK for the fuel draining services. They cover all the parts of UK and are responsible for draining wrong petrol or diesel fuel from your tank. They have an efficient team of engineers who respond fast to the client’s needs. Time is an important factor when it comes to draining of wrong fuel and that is what Wrong fuel Angels take care of. They use high-tech equipment that has been standardised to deliver their services. They have a fleet of fully equipped vehicles which have mobile fuel drainage systems hence, they can access their customers from whichever location that you are.

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