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So you’ve just passed your driving test. Congratulations! However, there are still some things you need to learn before becoming a fully-fledged motorist, such as refuelling your car at the petrol station.

It may seem like a pretty simple process, but you’d be amazed at the amount of mistakes even seasoned drivers make at the fuel pumps. And if you’ve never done it before, it can be pretty daunting, especially if there are impatient drivers queuing up behind you.

So if you’re a new driver refuelling your car for the first time, here’s a quick guide to how it’s done.

Before You Go

To avoid any gaffs and a serious red face at the petrol station, make sure you know the following:

Which fuel your car uses

If you’re unsure, read the fuel cap or your car’s handbook. Putting the wrong fuel in your car, especially petrol in a diesel engine, can cause serious problems and could end up costing you a fortune to fix.

Which side the fuel cap is on

Check whether the fuel tank is on the left or right hand side at the rear of your car, so you’ll know which side of the pump to park next to.

How the fuel cap opens

Some cars, especially older ones are opened with the actual key. Most newer models have a lever inside the car. Don’t leave it until you get to the petrol station to find out; motorists waiting to refuel are an impatient lot!

At The Petrol Station

Choose the right pump

Firstly, get in line for the right pump. Diesel is usually black and petrol is green. Always double check what’s written on the actual nozzle rather than the hose. To make things even more confusing, most petrol stations also have a range of Premium fuels. These are more expensive but as long as you choose the right petrol or diesel type, it won’t damage your car.

Turn off the engine and get out of the car.

Choose how to pay

Most petrol stations give you the option of paying at the pumps. You need to do this before you fill up, otherwise, you can pay in the shop afterwards.

Fill up

Lift the handle and insert the nozzle into the fuel tank hole as far as it will go. Ensure the pump display is at zero then squeeze the nozzle. You’ll hear (and smell!) the fuel flowing into the tank. The numbers on the pump display will indicate how many litres you’re putting in, and how much you’re spending.

Don’t worry about overfilling. The pump will automatically stop when it senses your fuel tank is full.

Almost done

Stop squeezing the nozzle, then take it out of the fuel tank hole and click it back into the pump cradle. Put the fuel cap back on, check the pump number then lock your car and head off to the shop to pay.

Just remember, refuelling is an easy process, but mistakes happen. If you do put the wrong fuel in your car, contact Wrong Fuel Angels for immediate assistance.

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