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Diesel Scrappage Scheme Looking Increasingly Likely

The TV and papers have been filled with news about the government’s clean air plan, which aims to reduce the number of diesel cars on the road.

The draft proposals indicate that drivers of older cars will be encouraged to trade their diesel car for electric cars.

Draft Plans

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Full details of the plan are yet to be released, but indicate that buses and lorries can also be effected in a bid to make cleaner air. It is believed that air pollution in large cities, such as London and Manchester, contribute to over 40,000 deaths due, in part, to the large amounts of nitrogen oxide produced by diesel engines.

With clear air zones to appear in cities and towns across the country, the government is set to be firm once proposals come into play. The plans have been welcomed by the car industry, who would see a boost in production to meet the demands of more clean cars

However, environmental activists say that more still needs to be done.

The draft plan sets out to scrap over 15,000 diesel cars using grants worth up to £2000 and the government hope to begin the process within the next two years.

Clean Air Zones

The draft clean air plan also talks about the introduction of more clean air zones in cities that have high levels of NO2. If people disobey the clean air zone rules then councils all have the power to fine those abusing the rules.

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Councils will also be instructed to remove speed bumps that force drivers to accelerate and decelerate, thus polluting the air much more than they would without the bumps.

Diesel Car Owners

Full details of the proposal are due to be released in July, in the meantime diesel owners who think that they will need to upgrade their car can begin thinking about how they will do so.

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