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Putting the wrong fuel into a car can be an absolute nightmare. It can be dangerous not only for the car but also for the driver while driving the car. Cars with the wrong fuel can have a multitude of problems crop up- even while driving in traffic. This is because different fuels burn at different rates, and most engines are optimised to work with a certain type of fuel. This means that the spark plug needs to ignite at exactly the right moment to ensure that all the fuel is burnt before the valves open. If this doesn’t happen, the engine can backfire, or could even make your engine start to run in the wrong direction because the explosion from the gas happens before the crankshaft is in the right spot, so it forces it to go backwards. Alternatively, the engine could simply run too hot, but that can melt your pistons. Without your pistons, the whole engine can literally not run. However it happens, making this mistake sure can make a hole in your monthly budget. Sometimes, you may need to replace the entire engine!

With diesel, it will not ignite in a petrol engine because diesel doesn’t vaporise the same way. For this reason, Diesel engines ignite the gas by the compression of hot air under a lot of pressure. They don’t even have spark plugs! In the unlikely event that the diesel does ignite, the most likely scenario is that the engine will run rough for a while before dying and flood, or snap the connection rods. Fancy stopping in the middle of a busy highway with no control.

If this does happen to you, it might help to remember that you’re not alone. According to industry statistics, this happens to a driver once every four minutes. That is a whole lot of wrecked engines in a day! and a whole lot of people praying for someone to come and help them.

But now, there is a service to help save your engine! We can come to wherever you are whether you’ve just left it at the fuel station or have had to drive it a little way. As soon as you call, your information is sent to the nearest available engineer, and they are on their way to you. If they are occupied, they will call you to let you know how long they will be. They drive specialised vans, which are decked out with the latest fuel draining technology. The process can be risky, so please consider your own safety and listen to the engineer. the typical fuel drain takes about 20 minutes, and every effort will be made to get you on the road quickly.

Wrong Fuel Angel’s engineers are trained extensively to be qualified to drain the wrong fuel out of your vehicle- whatever the make and model may be, and are equipped for any eventuality when dealing with your vehicle. Your safety is the most important thing during this process, so please listen to the directions of the engineer.

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