26th July 2016

Why a Fuel Doctor is Necessary in Solving Misfuelling Problems

Why a Fuel Doctor is Necessary for Solving Misfuelling Problems Misfuelling is an annoying problem. In many cases, it can be an extremely costly problem too. […]
21st July 2016

Have you placed the wrong fuel in your tank?

My experience of putting the wrong type of fuel in my tank Standing at the petrol station, you look down and realise that you have just […]
19th July 2016

Mis-fuelling Your Car Can Be A Nightmare

I have put the wrong¬†fuel type in my car   It’s a problem that none of us want to think about, but with most petrol stations […]
7th June 2016

Fuel Drain and how it works

Putting the wrong fuel into a car can be an absolute nightmare. It can be dangerous not only for the car but also for the driver […]