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2nd August 2016
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6th March 2017
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What to do When Your Experience with RAC Wrong Fuel is Unpleasant

Your Experiences with RAC Wrong Fuel

RAC Wrong FuelDespite the best efforts, you make to be as civil as possible, many times your experience with wrong fuel companies might not be what you expect. In such instances, it might be easier for you to despair. This doesn’t have to be the case. You can do something about it. For example, have you gone through a bad experience using RAC Wrong Fuel? Give us a call. Yes, a call is the first step you should take to express your displeasure about any aspect of the wrong fuel service you received from RAC mechanics.

What to Expect with RAC Wrong Fuel

Typically, a good experience using the RAC Wrong Fuel products should include fast response to your call. The response time should be around 45 minutes and not a minute longer unless the reasons for slow response are shared with you. Next, the person who responds and shows up to extend these services to you should not only be qualified but also highly trained. RAC employs only the best. It only allows the best to work with drivers in the United Kingdom to ensure the safe, clean and professional recovery of wrong fuel from any of the following:

  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Plant machinery

Make Appointments

Wrong Fuel RAC RemovalMany drivers are able to make appointments for the wrong fuel recovery services they need from RAC. If the service you receive doesn’t include complete draining of the fuel tank or fuel system, you should pick up your call to speak with an RAC representative. Expect the technicians to flush the fuel system thoroughly. Flushing requires clean fuel, which is essential if you’re to drive the car to your destination once again. Therefore, feel free to contact the company to tell a representative about your inability to get the required quality of service.

What’s more, RAC recycles contaminated fuel safely and in a manner that’s both approved and friendly to the environment. After recycling, you should be able to use the fuel as biofuel. The recycled fuel is usable for powering the equipment you need for heating. The experience would not be pleasant if the RAC technicians don’t educate you on the different ways of avoiding pumping wrong fuel into your car or other types of machinery. You need this help too. You need the education, which acts as timely reminders, to avoid a potentially catastrophic situation.

Your Rights

A technician from RAC should never deny you the rightly deserved wrong fuel recovery or removal services by saying that you placed your call too late. If a technician says this, you have every right for calling RAC to file your complaints. Many people only realise the mistake after the car grinds to a halt. At this point, it would be easier for some drivers to panic. However, staying calm is a much better option. Staying calm gives you the mental fortitude to pick the phone and call for assistance, which you will and should receive without any problem.

Services are not Location-based

I Used RAC Wrong FuelThe services are available irrespective of your location. You could be in the remotest parts of the United Kingdom or inside the modern cities and towns. RAC Wrong Fuel covers all parts of the country. Therefore, when you park by the roadside after realising that you filled the fuel tank with the wrong fuel, don’t hesitate to call for help. The services you’re entitled to as long as you call RAC about problems that arose as a result of filling your car with the wrong fuel including the following:

  • Draining
  • Filling
  • Flushing

RAC technicians are capable of removing the petrol that you pumped into a diesel car. They are also capable of removing the diesel you pumped into a petrol car. Petrol in diesel cars is the most common problem. Furthermore, petrol in diesel cars is the most dangerous of the two problems. Diesel should be a lubricant. It can turn into a solvent when mixed with petrol. The fuel system and engine don’t need a single iota of any type of solvent. If solvent continues pumping through the fuel system, it will cost more damages. RAC technicians should provide adequate solutions.

24-Hour Services

RAC provides 24-hour fuel recovery services. It serves customers in the UK with fast and amazing roadside assistance. Did you have a bad experience using RAC Wrong Fuel? Give us a call to see what can be done to turn the experience from one full of gloom, sadness and despair to one that guarantees exceptional services at affordable rates. The services are fast because of the company’s desire to return the ownership of the car to the driver. The company seeks to make the whole experience as safe and comfortable to drivers as possible.

Therefore, get in touch with RAC today to ask for further assistance or explanation in case the previous experience fell below the standards you were expecting.

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